Southwest Avenue Between Reber Place and Botanical Avenue

Heading northeast up Southwest Avenue, we get closer to the heart of the Hill, and see more interesting renovations to houses. More Formstone, which was popular in the mid-Twentieth Century, was added to the front of these houses. Also, the… Continue Reading


Downtown Wentzille

Downtown Wentzville, which straddles the railroad, has a wealth of interesting historic buildings, including these on the southeast corner of Main Street and Linn Avenue. The storefronts are full of restaurants and other businesses. The Trinity Executive Building is further… Continue Reading


Augusta in Transition: Walnut Street Between Public and Lower Streets

Proceeding east on Walnut Street past Public Street, we came upon the same church I photographed last year. I’m starting to suspect that the tower and sanctuary were built separately. There are two wonderful Queen Anne cottages on the south… Continue Reading


Sidney Street Between Lemp Avenue and Salena Street, South Side

Sidney Street was one thoroughfare that has never changed its name over the years, but interestingly, Lemp Avenue, which is just to the right of the buildings above, was once known as Cambria Street. As I’ve mentioned before, in the… Continue Reading


Maryland Plaza Between Euclid and Kingshighway, North Side

Now known as Maryland Plaza, the stretch of street between Euclid Avenue and Kingshighway was originally just Maryland Avenue. But it was platted with wide setbacks, and fire insurance maps show that it was known as Maryland Place. The apartment… Continue Reading