Penrose, Revisited


Tucked away in between I-70 and Natural Bridge Avenue, the Penrose neighborhood seems both isolated and heavily populated at the same time. Yes, there is abandonment, but along the strangely narrow streets, there is a lot of life. There are… Continue Reading


Abandoned Storefront, MLK Drive, Northwestern Downtown

August 2015 477

Once the heart of the city, filled with dense residential neighborhoods and businesses in the alley, this northwestern part of downtown, along MLK Drive (formerly Franklin Avenue here and Easton Avenue further out) was lined with houses. As the houses… Continue Reading


Locust Avenue, Downtown West

August 2015 421

For the life of me, I can’t find the old post from around 2009 when I featured this collection of beautiful buildings on Locust just east of Jefferson Avenue. It was once automobile row, and the buildings were designed as… Continue Reading