West of the City Limits in University City and Wellston

North of the Delmar Loop, and even north of Olive Boulevard, there is an intriguing cluster of old, very old houses, dating back to perhaps the late Nineteenth Century west of the City limits. The east-west streets have the same… Continue Reading


College Hill in the Snow #22: 1400 and 1900 Blocks of Linton

Linton Street has some occupied and abandoned buildings, and like many streets affected by the curve of the Mississippi River, had its 1500-1800 blocks squeezed out. But then there are beautiful four-family apartment buildings with sun porches that gleam in… Continue Reading


College Hill in the Snow #1: Introduction

College Hill is probably a neighborhood that many of my readers have never heard of, and possibly have never visited. It takes its name from the former Saint Louis University farm that once sat on the southern slope of the… Continue Reading


Deeper into the O’Fallon Neighborhood #3

The beautiful houses continue on the streets right next to O’Fallon Park, with a mixture of interesting architectural styles from the late Nineteenth to early Twentieth centuries. The street grid of the old O’Fallon estate intersects with the College Hill… Continue Reading


Revisiting St. Louis Place, Early February 2019

I went by the site of the old Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, which is still a vacant lot since it was first damaged by a fire and then demolished. I was intrigued by a rectangle of concrete with rough… Continue Reading