Hyde Park in the Morning Light #34, 20th Street South of Salisbury

South Hyde Park, which I define as south of Salisbury Street, has a slightly but not totally different feel than the northern half. The south side has less mansions, more workers’ cottages and some amazing alley houses. This is a… Continue Reading


Hyde Park in the Morning Light #18, 4000th Block of 11th Street

People still care up here. This storefront church has revitalized a great building, like something you’d see on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Google Street View reveals that this building was languishing before the renovation. And then there is… Continue Reading


Hyde Park in the Morning Light #17, 3900 Block of 11th Street

These little beautiful Italianate houses face I-70, their property values ruined. But look at the beautiful cornice that still survives, looking like it’s in great condition. This large store building anchors the row; one can imagine how dense the neighborhood… Continue Reading


Hyde Park in the Morning Light #16, 1400 Block of Newhouse Avenue

The 1400 block of Newhouse Avenue is so beautiful, but sadly most of the buildings are abandoned. And just about all of them are still standing! This is just to the north of the improving North Park Place. This could… Continue Reading


Hyde Park in the Morning Light #8, North Park Place

North Park Place is one block long, with a wealth of interesting houses. Unlike some lazy tellings of St. Louis history say, there were wealthy enclaves all of the rapidly growing city, not just in Lafayette Square. And the wealthy… Continue Reading