More Factories and Warehouses, Up North

I’m intrigued by the early Twentieth factories up north in the so-called “Mark Twain/I-70 Industrial” neighborhood, as the City of St. Louis officially calls this area. All of the cool factories down along the riverfront, and the historic breweries, get… Continue Reading


Penrose, Revisited

Tucked away in between I-70 and Natural Bridge Avenue, the Penrose neighborhood seems both isolated and heavily populated at the same time. Yes, there is abandonment, but along the strangely narrow streets, there is a lot of life. There are… Continue Reading


Penrose and Fairgrounds, Tucked Up By the Interstate

Tucked up in the bend of I-70 that now leaves most of its streets truncated to the north, I found the most interesting, quiet part of the Northside. The area still has a fair amount of wood frame houses, indicating… Continue Reading