Old Concordia Theological Seminary

One hundred years ago, it must have been something to travel down South Jefferson, and come across what amounted to a veritable acropolis of German Lutheran society. The Lutheran Hospital, Lutheran School of Nursing, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Concordia Publishing,… Continue Reading


Bohemian Hill, In Transition

Last week, I went to the grand opening of the new Fields Foods grocery store, which sits in the remnants of the Bohemian Hill neighborhood.  Sliced, diced and demolished into a shadow of itself over the last seventy years, the… Continue Reading


Embarrassing Blight on One of the Most Important Thoroughfares in St. Louis

Update: The last public housing tower was demolished in 2015. Imagine, instead of the Church’s Chicken, stately mansions once sitting on this exact stretch of North Grand just blocks from Powell Hall.  Luckily, some of those houses still exist, but… Continue Reading


I Heard There Used To Be A City Here

I had a coupon for White Castle, so I headed over to the location on South Broadway, which is right in the middle of what could most diplomatically be described as a wasteland.  Local historians claim tens of thousands of… Continue Reading