Discovering Shaw, 21: Flad Avenue Between Grand Boulevard and Spring Avenue, South Side

Heading back west on Flad Avenue away from Grand Boulevard, the south side of the street has a different feel, with the Tudor Revival influenced house above. But there is another more Romanesque Revival house above with its huge tower.… Continue Reading


Discovering Shaw, 20: Flad Avenue Between Spring Avenue and Grand Boulevard, North Side

Like the first blocks west of Grand to the north, the 3600 Block of Flad is filled with impressive single family houses that show their owners’ and builders’ German heritage. Conical-roofed topped towers, turrets and rounded Roman arched windows show… Continue Reading


Discovering Shaw, Part 4: Russell Boulevard Between Spring Avenue and Grand Boulevard, North Side

Moving east from the corner with Spring Avenue, there is a banquet of exceptional houses on Russell Boulevard, with large cut stone facades and complex dormers and towers on houses. While the house below would probably not have been painted… Continue Reading


Discovering Shaw, Part 3: The Intersection of Spring Avenue and Russell Boulevard

Occasionally I come across a house so amazing that I need to feature multiple photographs and details of it. That is the case of the stunner on the northeast corner of Spring Avenue and Russell Boulevard. It almost takes up… Continue Reading


California Avenue Between Wyoming and Arsenal Streets, Benton Park West

North of Wyoming Street, California Avenue has the normal Benton Park West style houses, influences by the German immigrants who settled here around 1900. There is the heavy influence of the Romanesque Revival. My friends nicknamed the houses below “cyclops”… Continue Reading


Old North, Hyde Park, College Hill, Late Summer

Following up on my “North up Blair” post, I took a different route to see how other buildings were faring in the late summer in the neighborhoods hugging Interstate 70. First up was Old North, where I confirmed from old… Continue Reading