Cote Brilliante Avenue, Revisited

Cote Brilliante Avenue starts out nice enough just northeast of the intersection of Kingshighway and Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, but it quickly turns bad the further you go east. You might recognize the street’s name from the nightly news,… Continue Reading


Bircher Boulevard

Historic aerial photography reveals that Bircher Boulevard used to be just that, a tree-lined, elegant boulevard in North St. Louis, separating the Penrose and Walnut Park neighborhoods. But then Interstate 70 came along, and annihilated it, turning Bircher Boulevard into… Continue Reading


College Hill in the Snow #29: 1500 and 1900 Blocks of College Avenue

College Avenue is an interesting mix of buildings, to say the least. There is the famous house above, and there is the stately Tudor Revival house below. We first spotted the house above in May of 2010 (fifth photo), and… Continue Reading


College Hill in the Snow #26: Zealand Street at College Avenue

There are many well-maintained streets, such as Zealand Avenue (second photo), in College Hill, where we saw homeowners sweeping their sidewalks out in front of their bungalows. But there is also abandonment, sadly, such as this stately house below, which we… Continue Reading


College Hill in the Snow #23: 2000-2100 Blocks of Linton

We met a homeowner in one of those HUD houses, as we call them, who’d lived in the neighborhood for forty years. We talked for a while and discussed the house next door, with a mysterious terracotta coat of arms… Continue Reading