4500 Block of Ashland Avenue, The Greater Ville

Heading further west, the terrain continues down into a valley, and the houses change, as well. First up is a house that I would expect to see in Benton Park or Hyde Park, and was certainly out in the middle… Continue Reading


4400 Block of Ashland Avenue, The Greater Ville

Moving west on Ashland Avenue, the terrain starts to head downward, and there is a mix of scattered Nineteenth Century houses, and then early Twentieth Century tract houses that were built in the empty spaces. So for example, this Romanesque… Continue Reading


Vine Grove Avenue #2, The Greater Ville

Continuing on, we see more mid-Twentieth Century in-fill, like one would expect to see in St. Louis Hills in Southwest City. I think what I find so fascinating about these streets is the wide variety of housing stock from the… Continue Reading


Vine Grove Avenue #1, The Greater Ville

“Vine Grove Avenue? Wow, that’s a street I’ve never heard of before,” I said, as we walked up Labadie Avenue. For whatever reason, surveyors left an awkward amount of land in between Labadie and Ashland Avenues, making it too wide… Continue Reading


4000 and 4100 Blocks of Labadie, The Greater Ville

Moving west on Labadie Avenue, four family apartment buildings predominate, but they are elegant, and meant for the middle class residents who probably hopped on the streetcar in the morning and rode to office jobs downtown in the morning. In… Continue Reading


North Newstead Avenue, The Greater Ville

Newstead is a long street; it starts all the way down in the Grove, heads north through the Central West End and then finds itself in the Greater Ville. There have been some streetscape improvements, but without private investment, the… Continue Reading


The Greater Ville in Extensus

I will be looking at the Greater Ville neighborhood for the next couple of weeks. I’ve looked at the Ville before, and for the purposes of this website, both official city neighborhoods are included under the one tag for simplicity’s… Continue Reading


Calle Cherokee Mural

A really cool mural has appeared on the side of El Torito Grocery at the corner of Cherokee Street and California Avenue, which has recently received a historic marker sign for Calle Cherokee, recognizing the important cultural and economic contribution… Continue Reading