College Hill in the Snow #16: 1400 Block of DeSoto Avenue

DeSoto Avenue used to be completely hidden from the rest of the world by the thick underbrush the blanketed the hill north of East Prairie Avenue. It has now been cleared, and the feeling is one of exposed openness. This… Continue Reading


College Hill in the Snow #4, John Avenue #1

There are more beautiful houses on John Avenue, and a few are occupied, but the vast majority are abandoned, and rapidly deteriorating. Much of the hill north of Grand Boulevard before it slopes down towards East Prairie Avenue is in… Continue Reading


Deeper into the O’Fallon Neighborhood #3

The beautiful houses continue on the streets right next to O’Fallon Park, with a mixture of interesting architectural styles from the late Nineteenth to early Twentieth centuries. The street grid of the old O’Fallon estate intersects with the College Hill… Continue Reading


Marine Villa, Early February 2019

Marine Villa is an interesting neighborhood; there were houses out here very early because of the old Marine Hospital, but then much of the area was built up later. As such, it is still a mix of architectural styles. I… Continue Reading