Marine Villa, Early February 2019

Marine Villa is an interesting neighborhood; there were houses out here very early because of the old Marine Hospital, but then much of the area was built up later. As such, it is still a mix of architectural styles. I… Continue Reading


South Down 20th Street from the Grand Water Tower

I came to the sad realization that the entire east side of 20th Street in Hyde Park (some consider this to be College Hill, but I don’t) is abandoned south of the Grand Water Tower. Do we really have absolutely… Continue Reading


4200 Block of Lexington Avenue, The Greater Ville

We encountered something that is relatively rare in the Greater Ville neighborhood and that is an industrial building. Also, the brick is not standard St. Louis red brick, but the sort of color one might expect in Chicago. What was… Continue Reading


4500 Block of Ashland Avenue, The Greater Ville

Heading further west, the terrain continues down into a valley, and the houses change, as well. First up is a house that I would expect to see in Benton Park or Hyde Park, and was certainly out in the middle… Continue Reading


4000 and 4100 Blocks of Labadie, The Greater Ville

Moving west on Labadie Avenue, four family apartment buildings predominate, but they are elegant, and meant for the middle class residents who probably hopped on the streetcar in the morning and rode to office jobs downtown in the morning. In… Continue Reading


Calle Cherokee Mural

A really cool mural has appeared on the side of El Torito Grocery at the corner of Cherokee Street and California Avenue, which has recently received a historic marker sign for Calle Cherokee, recognizing the important cultural and economic contribution… Continue Reading