Hyde Park in the Morning Light #47, 3900 Block of 19th Street

I’ve long been fascinated by the near perfect block of 19th Street in Hyde Park. There are only a couple of demolitions and vacant lots. But unfortunately, there are far too many abandoned buildings. This house is crooked, and I… Continue Reading


Hyde Park in the Morning Light #43, 1500 Block of Agnes Street

Agnes Street is in good condition through this block. But there are some abandoned buildings, such as the one below. If you look closely, you can see the wreckers were sloppy and stopped demolishing the front wall a couple of… Continue Reading


Hyde Park in the Morning Light #38, Destrehan West of 20th Street

Crossing over 20th Street, Destrehan Street gets even more interesting. Here, the Bungalow Belt gets even more pronounced, and while a few are abandoned, they are mostly occupied. But oh wow! The north side of the street is a long… Continue Reading


Hyde Park in the Morning Light #34, 20th Street South of Salisbury

South Hyde Park, which I define as south of Salisbury Street, has a slightly but not totally different feel than the northern half. The south side has less mansions, more workers’ cottages and some amazing alley houses. This is a… Continue Reading


Hyde Park in the Morning Light #33, The West Side of the Park, Revisited

The houses on the west side of the park vary in condition, from about ready to collapse to meticulously maintained. These are some of the oldest houses in the neighborhood, but they have been rehabbed and will still be around… Continue Reading