Chemical Building from Across Olive

I went to a panel discussion in the Laclede Gas Building, and took the opportunity to take some pictures of the Chemical Building across the street. The contrast with the Old Post Office creates one of my favorite street corners… Continue Reading


North Side of Fairgrounds Park, Part 1

Messing around on Google Maps, I realized that the strip of land to the north of Fairgrounds Park, and Lee Avenue (extra wide for streetcars) is a fascinating area of small back streets. Too wide for one whole block, and… Continue Reading


Around St. Engelbert’s, Penrose

The neighborhood around St. Engelbert’s is mostly from the early Twentieth Century, but some older houses are scattered throughout. These businesses above probably served parishioners coming out of Mass, or school children at the nearby school. But then there are… Continue Reading


North 20th Street, West Side of Hyde Park

I’ve been watching these proud houses slowly collapse, on what should be a desirable street, right across from a beautiful park. There are some well-maintained buildings, such as this house and office building. And these massive buildings are in great… Continue Reading