4,000th Post

3,999 posts ago, I started this website, back in May of 2007 (the twelfth anniversary is coming up in a couple of months), and while technically a few posts have been deleted for various reasons due to redundancy, or whatnot,… Continue Reading


Deeper into the O’Fallon Neighborhood #3

The beautiful houses continue on the streets right next to O’Fallon Park, with a mixture of interesting architectural styles from the late Nineteenth to early Twentieth centuries. The street grid of the old O’Fallon estate intersects with the College Hill… Continue Reading


Revisiting St. Louis Place, Early February 2019

I went by the site of the old Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church, which is still a vacant lot since it was first damaged by a fire and then demolished. I was intrigued by a rectangle of concrete with rough… Continue Reading


Marine Villa, Early February 2019

Marine Villa is an interesting neighborhood; there were houses out here very early because of the old Marine Hospital, but then much of the area was built up later. As such, it is still a mix of architectural styles. I… Continue Reading