Hyde Park in the Morning Light #34, 20th Street South of Salisbury

South Hyde Park, which I define as south of Salisbury Street, has a slightly but not totally different feel than the northern half. The south side has less mansions, more workers’ cottages and some amazing alley houses. This is a… Continue Reading


Hyde Park in the Morning Light #33, The West Side of the Park, Revisited

The houses on the west side of the park vary in condition, from about ready to collapse to meticulously maintained. These are some of the oldest houses in the neighborhood, but they have been rehabbed and will still be around… Continue Reading


Hyde Park in the Morning Light #26, East of Most Holy Trinity

There are so many great buildings that line the streets east of Most Holy Trinity. There are signs of hope, but many abandoned houses. Some readers might be surprised, but most likely the building below never had a brick back… Continue Reading


Hyde Park in the Morning Light #23, Salisbury Street

As styles changed along Salisbury Street, the commercial corridor of Hyde Park, renovations occurred, such as the addition of this shop window on a giant Second Empire corner building. This building may be very old, but was renovated sometime in… Continue Reading


Hyde Park in the Morning Light #19, 1400 Block of Angelica

Angelica Street east of 11th Street is gone, replaced by this foreboding overpass, which effectively kills the neighborhood from expanding any further. I’ve photographed these little guys before; they replaced an old country estate that finally was demolished and redeveloped.… Continue Reading