Arsenal Avenue Between South Compton and Michigan Avenues, South Side, Tower Grove East

I looked at Arsenal Avenue between Michigan and Minnesota avenues a while back, so I thought I would look at the south side of that street between the former state street and South Compton on a resplendent Saturday morning. You… Continue Reading


Virginia Avenue Between Sidney Street and Halliday Avenue, East Side

I’m not going to apologize for or lay off my criticism of the crap that’s happening to innocent houses such as the one you see above and below. They’re the same house, before and after a certain firm gets ahold… Continue Reading


Tennessee Avenue Between Magnolia and Shenandoah Avenues, East Side

Heading north up Tennessee Avenue, there are more houses that come in pairs or in triplets. And again, most are actually two-families disguised to look like single-family houses. The architecture reflects the more linear and stern forms of early Twentieth… Continue Reading


Magnolia Avenue Between Virginia and Tennessee Avenues, North Side

I took a walk down Magnolia Avenue in Tower Grove East. There is a wide variety of different housing styles, and even a wonderful music school on the corner with Virginia, The Music Room. Interestingly, below, on the left is… Continue Reading


Arsenal Street Between Minnesota and Michigan Avenues, Tower Grove East

It’s hard to believe it, but the houses above were once an almost completely ruined pile of smoking timbers and collapsed brick walls a few years ago. I wrote an article about those two houses, and the other Civil War-era… Continue Reading