The West End, Yet Again, Early July 2018

Every time I visit the West End neighborhood, I think of the stupidity of the federal government, who drew a red line just to the south of this beautiful community, thereby damning it to eventual oblivion. Despite the government’s best… Continue Reading


Skinker-DeBaliviere #24, 6100 Block of Pershing Avenue

Down closer to Forest Park Parkway, there are more apartment buildings, but they still are elegant, and I noticed many Washington University students coming and going. There are still single family houses, as well, and some in-fill, for that matter.… Continue Reading


Skinker-DeBaliviere #19, 6100 Block of Waterman Boulevard

My old joke is that St. Louis architects and builders liked to design apartment buildings that looked like houses, so people could go in and out with revealing that they were renters. The houses above and below were built as… Continue Reading


Skinker-DeBaliviere #10, 6100 Block of Kingsbury Place #1

Kingsbury Place, the western one, is just right off of busy N. Skinker Boulevard. The housing stock is spectacular, and rivals anything in the Central West End. There are several of these massive, “super” Dutch Colonial looking houses, with a… Continue Reading