Wells-Goodfellow, Autumn 2021, Part Two

Just beyond that well kept block of Hebert we are confronted with the abandonment of Clara across from the Horseshoe, which has not gotten any better than when I walked down these streets back in March of 2017. The Horseshoe… Continue Reading


Wells-Goodfellow, Autumn 2021, Part One

I got up bright and early on Saturday and thought I would check in on Wells-Goodfellow, a neighborhood that has long suffered from disinvestment, crime and the effects of decades of redlining. I always struggle with how to portray a… Continue Reading


Greer Avenue Between Marcus and Euclid Avenues, South Side

I’ve been documenting some of the streets on either side of Kingshighway, which are known as the Kingsway West and East neighborhoods. For simplicity sake, and I know it would annoy many people, they’ve been lumped into the Wells-Goodfellow tag.… Continue Reading


Cote Brilliante Avenue, Early Summer 2021

I find the long block of Cote Brilliante Avenue between Marcus and Euclid avenues one of the enigmas: filled with beautiful houses but at the same time embodying the troubles afflicting so many North Side neighborhoods. The overgrowth has grown… Continue Reading


The Long Blocks Behind the Former DePaul Hospital

I’d spotted the long, very long blocks west of North Kingshighway near the old DePaul Hospital [whose post has mysteriously disappeared–can you find it for me? (Update: I went ahead and revisited it here)] and Most Blessed Sacrament, so Saturday… Continue Reading