Mount Vernon Cemetery, Washburn, Illinois

Update: Thanks to a reader, this has been identified as Mount Vernon, Linn or Cazenovia Cemetery.

Occasionally, driving a lonely back road, we come across a cemetery without a name, and we stop and photograph it anyway. This cemetery, with a big looping circle drive around it, caught our attention south of Washburn, Illinois.

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  1. Find a Grave says it’s the Mount Vernon Cemetery, otherwise known as the Cazenovia or Linn cemetery.

    • Thank you! I love it when readers help out with the detective work! You know, there is a long tradition of small Italian communities out in Illinois, so the Cazenovia name is not surprising.

  2. Tiny Italian communities in Illinois? Now it’s my turn to research! (Your posts sometimes give me reason to dig into Find a Grave. Thank you – I adore cemeteries as entrances to historical reading.)

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