Three Four-Familes, Hyde Park


Bellefontaine and North Side 067

Man, I don’t remember these three identical four-family apartment buildings being in such bad shape.  Regardless, they are not looking great.

Bellefontaine and North Side 069

This earlier photo from 2012 seems to show the buildings in better shape, but I could have been wrong.  It’s sad regardless, because the unique brick tone and the beauty of the stellar masonry work will be lost forever.

Bellefontaine and North Side 072

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  1. Sean Lowery

    02/06/2014, 05:43 pm

    I used to pass these every Saturday on my way to Cornerstone Cafe when I lived in Old North. Sad to see them this far gone now.

  2. Ann

    02/06/2014, 06:30 pm

    Ooh, where is this? I love the one that’s just a shell, photographically. The reality of it does make me sad. :(


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