Times Are Changing


Bob’s Quality “Crackhouse” Market finally bit the dust. I see little evidence of any historic or noteworthy portions of the building needing to be saved. It is being replaced by a Family Dollar, which is being embraced by the community that currently has no place to shop in walking distance–which is the only way many people around here can get anywhere. Now if the demolition crews would just not shoot up right by neighbors’ houses.

Of course, there’s always the back story! And in this case, it’s the Hubbards, in the figure of their most hapless family member, Tammika, the 5th Ward Alderwoman (at least for the time being). They are in the pockets of Paul McKee, accepting campaign donations. McKee is dreaming of another quixotic scheme for a grocery store, so Family Dollar is competition. The Hubbards opposed the new store in the zoning board hearing, and in a testament to how blatantly obvious the corruption was in this situation, the board actually ruled against an alderman for the first time in a long time (they never do). Perhaps they’re actually getting a backbone, finally. And yes, these are the same Hubbards committing election fraud.

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