William Stickney Cigar Building

This building, like many older office buildings in downtown St. Louis, received a Modernist slipcover in the 1950s or 60s, its owners now ashamed of its historic architecture. The slipcovers have started to come off these old buildings, revealing often well-preserved if often shaved off facades. In this case, the building is from 1886

Even with some of the ornament not replaced, it’s still a great example of a now incredibly rare type of commercial building in downtown. Many were swept up in the building of larger office towers in the Twentieth Century.


  1. I’ve got a neat early tin sign from the Stickney Segar Company! Love the story!

    • Cool, Randy! That’s neat you have a piece of history from that company.

  2. I just got a La Resta Cigar tin with Wm A. Stickney Cigar Co. on it. Cool find

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