1. Damn, that was a neat building. Even though it is small, look at the nearly perfect proportions (the gable window is slightly too large, otherwise I would say it had completely perfect proportions). That is what people do not understand about new architecture, whether modern or faux-historic/traditionalist, it is not as good as historic architecture both from building quality and aesthetic perspectives. New buildings are larger, so various parts of them are bulked up (roof lines especially), while other parts remain the same or are smaller (windows and entrances). This makes them unbalanced and hideous.

    Did this cottage completely burn? Due to the size, if the masonry walls are in sound condition, it would be an easy and “inexpensive” (relatively) rebuild.

    • Sorry, I wasn’t clear. It was the two story building behind the cottage that was damaged by fire.

      • I probably just did not read it correctly.

        No matter which building burned, it is a damn shame.

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