Alswel, January 2022

I also decided to head down the Meramec River and see how the view of Alswel, which was William Lemp, Jr.’s house that overlooks the Butler Lakes, was doing. His death certificate actually says he was a resident of the Chase Hotel in 1922 at the time of his suicide in the Lemp Mansion.

Historic Photos of Alswel

Back before sprawl came to southwestern St. Louis County, a great-aunt of a reader of this site snapped these photos of Alswel, one of several Lemp mansions, in what was probably the 1960’s. Photographs taken by Cora Steyermark, courtesy of Lura Holt.

Alswel, Revisted Again

Update: See historic photos here. A reader was kind enough to submit a higher resolution image of Alswel from the Meramec floodplain. I can’t get enough of this house, and its unique legacy and appearance. Photos courtesy of Wes Bradley

Alswel, Revisited

Update: See more photos here and historic photos here. A reader snapped an up close picture of Alswel recently while visiting a friend in the neighborhood. It’s looking good after all of these years. Photo by Joanne Owens

In Search of Alswel

Update: See more pictures in these posts here and here, and historic photos here. In the grainy photo above, you can see my attempt to photograph one of the other legendary houses owned by the Lemp family, in this case one that looks like a giant Swiss chalet. It is unreachable due to a security…

Assorted Houses, Meramec Valley in Sunset Hills

These first two houses are off of Balmagoun Lane, laid out in the early Twentieth Century as the Sunset Hills area flourished as one of the first automobile suburbs out Gravois. I think this house below is along Alswel Lane, just down the street from the William Lemp Junior mansion. Most houses on the street…

Lemp Mansion, Revisited

That crazy bend in I-55 just south of the brewery was not planned; it was added later to save the DeMenil Mansion, which in turn saved the old Lemp Mansion and several buildings of the Lemp Brewery to the south. There are still a lot of crashes along this stretch of interstate, I’ve been told,…