Chuck Berry Mausoleum, Bellerive Cemetery

Chuck Berry is interred in a large mausoleum off Mason Road, just south of Olive Boulevard in West County in Bellerive Gardens Cemetery. It is a new building, as far a I can tell, and is constructed of blue granite with light grey granite accents. I do not know if the color blue was chosen…

Chuck Berry House Added to Historic Register

Update: I stopped by a decade later; the house is still vacant and owned by the City of St. Louis. I featured his mausoleum in a post in late May of 2020. The house on Whittier Street in the historic Greater Ville neighborhood is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Crossroads, Wentzville

You’re looking at the intersection of two famous roads: Highway 40, which started as the National Road, and Highway 61, immortalized for its role in world music. Of course, this is no longer that intersection, as Highway 61 is now on a viaduct high above the ground, and Highway 40 now shares its names with…

Whittier Street, The Greater Ville

Update: I visited Chuck Berry’s mausoleum in this post from late May of 2020. Whittier Street. It is actually one of the most culturally significant streets in world cultural history, and the City of St. Louis apparently could care less. It was on this street that modern rock ‘n’ roll was created by Chuck Berry…

The Ville, Revisited, Late November 2015

We drove through the Ville neighborhood last week, and I was disappointed to see that the neglect and deterioration has continued. Once the isolated “suburban” town of Elleardsville, the Ville became the center of the middle class in the African-American community. Unfortunately, due to segregation, the housing stock is old, much of it just after…

The Ville, In Extensus

Update: I went back and revisited in July of 2022. The Ville is one of the oldest neighborhoods in St. Louis, which is surprising in that it is way out past Grand, which was still mostly farmland well into the first decade of the Twentieth Century. But the Ville clearly developed earlier, out along St….

North St. Louis

For the past sixty years of St. Louis history, the Northside has remained the most misunderstood, stereotyped and neglected section of the city. And a large segment of the city it is; if one considers the cliché boundary of Delmar to be the southern border, the northern portion of the city dwarfs the southern half….