Re-Skin, Eureka, Illinois

This building used to be Italianate, but somewhere along the line it was re-skinned in order to cover the older architecture. Too bad that it can’t be brought back one day.

Abandonment, Eureka, Illinois

Update: I went back in June of 2022 and the house was still abandoned (fourth photo down). My parents and I could have sworn people were living in this house less than a year ago. Sadly, it seems the depopulation of Small Town America is continuing.

Maple Lawn Home, Eureka, Illinois

Update: Demolished sometime before the summer of 2017. The historic Maple Lawn Homes in Eureka, Illinois has at its centerpiece this graceful mansion where all the residents once lived. Word is that the mansion will soon be demolished because it’s “too old.”

Around Woodford County, Illinois, June 2022

I went around and looked at some of the towns northeast of the family farm. I started with Eureka, the county seat of Woodford County. I could have sworn I had featured the courthouse before, but apparently not. Got to love the bank where they filled in the windows–who needs natural light when there’s amazing…

Secor, Woodford County, Illinois

The giant grain elevator in Secor had long attracted my attention on my drive west of El Paso on U.S. Highway 24 on my way to Eureka, Illinois, but this time I decided to go visit and take a look…

Abandoned Farm House Outside Washington, Illinois

Update: The house was destroyed sometime in thefirst half of 2019. I had seen this abandoned farmstead on Old Highway 24, between Washington and Eureka, Illinois. Realizing that a tornado or strong winds, or just simply the owner, could demolish the structure any day, I convinced my parents to stop by on the way back…

Old Pancake House, Sunset, Goodfield, Illinois

Update: Demolished on March 9, 2011. I revisited the old diner at the intersection of I-74 and the road that heads north to Eureka, Illinois. At sunset, the setting is a dramatic scene, indeed.

Primary Color Farm Implements

I wonder if it was intentional or not, but I had to stop and take a picture of these red, blue, yellow and green tractors and mowers parked alongside a highway near Eureka, Illinois.