St. Mary’s Infirmary Coming Down

Long-suffering St. Mary’s Infirmary, is finally being put out of its misery. One half of the building, up to the central hallway, has been demolished. I’m sad, but realistically, it was in danger of collapse, and the city officials I know who made the decision couldn’t put off the emergency demolition any longer. Damaged by…

St. Mary’s Infirmary, Revisited Yet Again

Update: Demolished in 2016. St. Mary’s is still standing, watched like a hawk by Ameren security, and awaiting its fate. I honestly am surprised it hasn’t been demolished yet. Papin Street is pretty much Ameren turf now, so who would want to live surrounded by electric company trucks?

Fire at St. Mary’s Infirmary

Update: The building was finally demolished in 2016. The long suffering St. Mary’s Infirmary, on the near South Side, caught fire during the night. I feared the worst, but my inspection reveals that the damage seems to be primarily confined to the one story building that connects the other buildings in the campus together. I…

More Collapse at St. Mary’s Infirmary?

Update: Demolished in mid-2016. I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like there might have been a little more collapse at St. Mary’s Infirmary. I may be wrong, but it doesn’t look good, if at the least in the long run.

St. Mary’s Infirmary

Update: Demolished in 2016 after a series of fires and collapses. I don’t have much to say about the long-suffering St. Mary’s Infirmary on Papin Street on the near South side. Stripped of all of its historical context, it sits vacant, and rapidly deteriorating a block from Chouteau Avenue. I expect that it will be…

St. Mary’s Infirmary

Update: The building was demolished in the spring of 2016 after a series of fires. While St. Mary’s Infirmary has been heavily photographed and documented at other sites (and much more adeptly than me) I thought I would post a couple of pictures that I snapped while driving by one day. What is striking about…

Mullanphy Emigrant Home in Serious Trouble

Hey everyone, is it maybe the time for us all to start having a conversation about how the Mullanphy Emigrant Home is probably going to collapse into a giant pile of rubble soon? Honestly, it’s following the path of St. Mary’s Infirmary on the Near South Side, which collapsed slowly before being demolished.