Details, Lemp Mausoleum

The Lemp Mausoleum is less than half full, and probably will be forever. See the inside at this earlier post here.

Side Windows, Lemp Mausoleum

I had seen the wonderful lily flower stained glass window in the Lemp Mausoleum, but I realized during my last visit that there are two side windows in the back, which are quite beautiful themselves.

Lemp Mausoleum, Interior

Now that the nonsense surrounding the Lemp impostor seems to be over, the charlatan banished to obscurity, Bellefontaine Cemetery is allowing limited visitors into the family’s mausoleum, with legitimate heirs’ expressed permission. Many people may not realize it, but less than half of the mausoleum is full, and probably will remain so. The left side…

In the Footsteps of Lillian Handlan Lemp

Many readers are no doubt familiar with Lillian Handlan, who would marry William Lemp, Jr., the heir to the Lemp Brewery. Later, their acrimonious divorce would make headlines around the country. But she also lived in many places around St. Louis, and I’ve identified several places she called home. There may be more, but for…

Details, Busch Mausoleum

I’ve done details of the Wainwright and Lemp mausolea in the past, so I turned to the Busch Mausoleum next. The famous phrase by Gaius Julius Caesair, Veni, Vedi, Vici, was spoken after his defeat of Pharnaces II of Pontus, not during the conquest of Gaul, as is commonly misunderstood.

Kerens Mausoleum, Calvary Cemetery, Revisited

I always enjoy it when readers bring my attention back to a building I’ve only cursorily looked at in the past, or that I’ve never heard about before. The Kerens Mausoleum in Calvary Cemetery is a great example; I took one photo of it back in August of 2013 but I realized, after reading a…

Ellie Koehler Lemp Grave, Bellefontaine Cemetery

Caspar Koehler, the father of Ellie, the second wife of William Lemp, Jr., was a brewer, and her first husband, Rudolph Limberg, was the president of the Columbia Brewing Co. Their son, Edward, died in 1939, a year and a half before Ellie. Despite being married to William Jr. when he committed suicide, she is…