Mineral Springs Park, Pekin, Illinois

Mineral Springs Park in downtown Pekin is one of the most stunning Victorian era parks I have ever seen. At the center, the elaborate, restored pavillion is a jewel.

Modernist Church, Pekin, Illinois

One of the busiest intersections in Pekin hosts no fewer than four churches that I could spot. In particular, I was interested in this Modernist church on the southwest corner. Its clean lines contrasted greatly with some of the older churches at the intersection. Looking closer, I realized I had seen a church similar to…

Tazewell County Courthouse, Pekin, Illinois

The Tazewell County Courthouse is a fantastic example of Beaux-Arts architecture in the early Twentieth Century, and is also listed on the National Register. The building was designed by the firm of Deal & Ginzel, a partnership between John Deal, an experienced builder turned architect, and the more classically trained architect Roland Ginzel. The firm…

Footprint, Pekin, Illinois

I think there used to be a building here, and the outline of the front door alcove is still preserved in the sidewalk. Sort of depressing.

St. Joan of Arc Roman Catholic Church

Designed by A.F. and Arthur Stauder in 1958, St. Joan of Arc Roman Catholic Church is one of the many Modernist churches the Archdiocese constructed in the boom years after World War II. The front entrance is dominated by a huge mosaic of the saint, designed most likely by Ravenna Mosaic, which was a branch…