Continued Problems at Valhalla

Update: The damage has continued into the summer of 2019. A concerned citizen reached out to me recently with new photos showing continued problems at Valhalla’s mausoleum, which I covered back in August of 2017. after another reader submitted photos of extensive water damage to me. Let’s get these problems fixed.

Chronic Water Damage and Deterioration, Valhalla Mausoleum

Update: Problems continued into August of 2018. I don’t really like calling out anybody who’s trying to do their best maintaining an historic structure. I am well aware of the costs involved, the expensive specialists who are qualified to work in old building materials, and the often costly stone, metal or wood needed. But sometimes,…

Valhalla Mausoleum, Revisited

I was thinking those Norse warriors out front of the Valhalla Cemetery mausoleum weren’t there before when I visited in 2011! Does anyone know if these are original, and therefore probably being conserved offsite the last time I visited, or if they are new?

Valhalla Cemetery

Valhalla Cemetery and its mausoleum are further down St. Charles Rock Road, and feature beautiful architecture as well. This giant portico in the Doric style presents a sense of sturdiness and agelessness towards visitors. I love the figure of the sleeping woman above the front door. Valhalla, of course, was the ancient land in Norse…