The Rest of the Square, Edina, November 2012

The southern wall of the square is one of the longest preserved row of Italianate storefronts I’ve seen in the Midwest. Its existence is a treasure. It’s changed little since 2008.

Edina, Return to the West Side of the Square, November 2012

In a first for this website, I’m actually publishing pictures I’d let sit around for years after I published later photos. But renewed interest in Edina’s stunning west wall of buildings got me to pull these out of storage. It was an early morning in November 2012, and the light was hitting them beautifully. Read…

Edina, Revisited Late March 2016

I have always been impressed by the architecture of the “double square” in Edina, lined with some of the best ornamentation and form in Missouri. Ironically, I have photographs from 2012 that I may post in the future, but here is from late March 2016. The west wall of the square is anchored by the…

Edina, Northeast Missouri

Update: See another example of this fenestration phenomenon above in Troy from March of 2022 (ninth photo down). Edina is one of those towns that most people just blow through at exactly the speed limit–ever wary of speed traps in small towns. Which is a shame, because people should take the time to look out the…

Stripped Down Victorian, Edina, Missouri

Something tells me that this house did not originally look like this. As is often common, Victorian Period houses tend to lose their ornamentation over the years, and get some crappy asphalt siding slapped up on top of the original clapboards. Still, a sense of its original, inventive design remains.

Edina, Missouri Storefront

Update: The corner two bays facing the square were a bank, and the left full bay was a drug store. The building shows up as early as 1886 on Sanborn Maps. Interestingly, the current cast iron front does not show up in Sanborns until 1906 as gray bars, but the earlier maps instead label them….

Main Street, Troy, Lincoln County

Troy, the county seat of Lincoln County, which is just north of St. Charles County on U.S. Highway 61, has experienced considerable growth over the last twenty years. The downtown is interesting, and is relatively intact while sprawl occurs to the north. The most ornate building is this long Italianate block, with the original tenants’…