Details, Wainwright Tomb

I’ve been coming by the Wainwright Tomb (designed by Louis Sullivan for the same man as the office building downtown) for over a decade, and it’s interesting to see how it’s changed over the years.

Wainwright Tomb Interior, Revisited

I photographed the interior of the Wainwright Tomb all the way back in November of 2008. It still is just as beautiful today as it was back then.

The Wainwright Building

Completed in 1891, the Wainwright Building by Louis Sullivan is perhaps St. Louis’s most influential building, commissioned by Ellis Wainwright from the firm of Adler and Sullivan. Discarding revivalist trends in skyscrapers of the time, Sullivan created an entirely new vocabulary for a tall building. Sparsely adorned vertical lines dominate the structure, cutting through the…

Bellefontaine Cemetery, Late Summer

I find someone new every time I visit Bellefontaine Cemetery, and recently I found the grave of William Russell, who was an important figure in early St. Louis history. See his family’s estate here where they mined coal and clay. While the limestone has been damaged by acid rain, you can still imagine how beautiful…