A Decimated Street of Beautiful Apartment Buildings

Update: The brothers managed to sell off these properties to various investors, in the last couple of years. As you might have guessed, many of them live in St. Louis County or out of state. The shrine to the murdered man dates from 2003; perhaps it more than anything demonstrates how forgotten this corner of the city really is. By the summer of 2021, all of the abandoned four-families had been demolished, leaving only two owner-occupied buildings left.

Sitting in the shadow of the Victor Roberts Brothers building on North Kingshighway, is this stunning symphony in brick, a complete row of four-family flats now all completely abandoned on Aldine Place. A pair of brothers, according to property records, own every single one of them. Why? They’re not doing anything with them, other than letting them rot, which I suspect is their intention.

Interesting how every single window on the second floors of these buildings is open, isn’t it? I seriously doubt some random person decided to just open them all one day on a whim, do you? Maybe so water will get in and destroy these stately apartments for free?

Can you imagine what a vibrant street this used to be? All of the families and children patronizing corner businesses and the nearby Sears?

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  1. Katy M. says:

    Such a shame. I absolutely love your website, but it’s depressing! (not your fault, obviously). If I was Bill Gates, I’d rehab every single one of them. Keep the pictures coming and thank you for all you do.

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