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  1. Toby Weiss says:

    Could you tell if someone is living there?
    I used to know the man who lived there. Had many good times there. Rumor has it that the owner lost it to foreclosure. Hoping someone else has taken it over to keep it safe.

    1. admin says:

      It seemed quiet, not sure. A married couple out in the middle of nowhere in western Colorado own the house.

  2. 314media says:

    That “awning” of shingles above the attic vent in pic 3 is most interesting to me.

    Sadly; most of that craftsmanship has probably deteriorated in homes of this age.

    The crest almost looks unfinished – I’m headed to google…

  3. Tom Maher - Kirkwood says:

    Thanks, Chris.

  4. Anon says:

    Toby, I beg your pardon. Frederick DID NOT lose the house to foreclosure. Mind your own damn business. No body reads your blog anymore anyway.

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