A Sad Block of Dodier Street


Update: I revisited this street in April of 2017. The HUD house above had further deteriorated since my original visit. By January of 2019, when I again photographed the house, it had suffered a serious collapse of the back of its second story(fourth photo).

Dodier Street dead ends here, and I have to admit that I had never visited it before. It’s one of those places we should be embarrassed that it exists.


At least some people are engaging in a little old fashioned recycling around here. Poor St. Augustine’s looms in the background.


But look at the housing stock; it is still beautiful even in its abandonment.



Look at how dense it used to be; interestingly, there was a small weissbier brewery on the block, specializing in a German niche beer market at the turn of the last century.

Dodier Street

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