Anton Griesedieck Grave, Bellefontaine Cemetery


There are several clusters of Griesedieck graves around Bellefontaine Cemetery, but the group around the grave of Anton Griesedieck is the most memorable.


Made of gray granite, it features several interesting features, including the accompaniment of the?thanatos, which is the inverted torch symbolizing an extinguished life. The portrait bust, holding up very well in the weather, is relatively unique on the exterior of a monument in the cemetery.


The woman most likely represents a mourning figure, or Grief herself, sitting atop the tomb.


Anton Griesedieck purchased the old Stumpf/Consumers Brewery on Gravois and I-55; the company’s logo still survives on the north side of the historic brewery building. Ironically, a generation later another branch of the family, Papa Joe’s family, would purchase the old brewery, and open it as Falstaff Brewery No. 10.


Several other large monuments sit nearby, including these.


Most mysteriously is this small tombstone, which seems to commemorate the death in childhood of three members of the family. Strangely, and unwisely, it is sculpted from limestone.


Update: Take a look at the Louis Obert grave monument at New St. Marcus Cemetery, which looks like it was inspired by this monument.

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  1. Tom Maher - Kirkwood MO says:

    Very interesting – Thanks!
    I thought the Griesediecks were Catholic (at least the later ones are); I wonder why they appeared in Bellefontaine instead of Calvary? Was the former more desirable than the latter for St. Louis’ movers and shakers back then?

    One can only wonder at what the cost of replacing these monuments would be today. It would be intriguing for someone knowledgeable about such topics to hazard a guess.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Tom, I know a couple of people at Bellefontaine; they talked to me about prices of stone nowadays; I have a feeling they would know.

  2. Bob Shea says:

    Henry and Rosa Griesedieck sponsored two window groups in St. Francis de Sales. Are they in Bellefontaine as well? If you ever need a sidekick when shooting church sites, let me know. Outstanding work you’re doing.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      They are in Calvary:

      It is very intriguing–many Griesediecks are in Calvary, but they certainly are in Bellefontaine as well.

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