Baden, North St. Louis

Update: I did an extensive series of Baden in the winter of 2018.

I’m intrigued by Baden, the furthest north neighborhood in St. Louis, north of the railroad tracks.

Containing a myriad of different styles of architecture, the area could be seen as a microcosm for the entire city.

Update: The?building below?was worse for wear by the winter of 2018.

The main commercial strip has some great buildings along North Broadway, or Bellefontaine Road as it was originally called (and still is north of the city).

Update: The tavern below was abandoned by the winter of 2018. It had severely deteriorated due to failing gutters by October of 2021.

This last tavern is unique as it is made completely of cement block. Has anyone ever actually been inside this place?

There is another concrete block tavern on St. Charles Rock Road.

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