Chuck Berry Mausoleum, Bellerive Cemetery

Chuck Berry is interred in a large mausoleum off Mason Road, just south of Olive Boulevard in West County in Bellerive Gardens Cemetery.

It is a new building, as far a I can tell, and is constructed of blue granite with light grey granite accents. I do not know if the color blue was chosen in reference to the song “Blueberry Hill” or not.

The door handle is shaped like a guitar, which is fitting. See his house on Whittier Place in the Greater Ville in this post from 2008.

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  1. Martin. says:


  2. Dean says:

    Why would you suggest a link between Chuck and “Blueberry Hill,” a song popularized by Fats Domino, or are all black singers the same? I’d probably ditch that sentence. Blue and gray just go together, after all.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Um, Chuck Berry played at his friend Joe Edward’s Blueberry Hill restaurant for decades. It was apparently one of his favorite places to perform. How dare you insult me.

    2. LDC says:

      More of the wah wah pity party BS talk.

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