East Side of 12th Street, Soulard

Bellefontaine, Soulard and A-B Brewery 131

Update: See more of 12th Street in this post from November of 2019.

The east side of 12th Street features smaller lots than the west, but the wealth of stunning architecture continues. Soulard’s beauty is well-known, but sometimes I forget. I won’t again.

Bellefontaine, Soulard and A-B Brewery 127

Bellefontaine, Soulard and A-B Brewery 129

Update: I revisited the house below in the spring of 2021, and thanks to a reader, learned much more about the history and included a historic photo.

Bellefontaine, Soulard and A-B Brewery 112

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  1. samizdat says:

    Re: the second house down. The ornate sandstone facade elements underwent a fairly expensive German-based restoration process a decade or so ago, according to the owners at the time of that particular house tour.

  2. Todd says:

    A friend, the owner of one of the beautifully restored large houses on S 12th recently completed an amazing transformation of the old Highway Bar around the corner on 13th called Howards. Would love to see some history on that building

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Oh, I just had one of their sandwiches about a month ago! They did a great job of restoring that building, and the food was great, too.

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