Former Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church, Jennings

Update: This was the second church that replaced an earlier structure, which probably was too small to handle increasing parish membership. The senior center is now closed, and the building appears to be abandoned. By June of 2022, the site was severely overgrown with underbrush.

Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church, built as the wave of migration to the suburbs picked up in the 1950’s, is now a victim to that same migration that has continued further west. It is now closed, and converted into a senior center.

Unfortunately, as can be seen in these older photos of the church’s interior, it is a unique building, and many of its original features are now gone.

Update: I went back and visited in December of 2016, and the roof had been repaired.

As can be seen below, the owners have still not definitively fixed the ongoing roof problems, present since the time this was still a Catholic parish. Shingles have impaled themselves on the chain link fence below.

Likewise, this stone could use a good powerwash.

But from what I’ve seen from pictures, the stained glass must be truly wonderful to see from the inside.

Sadly, the parish house seen in the Built St. Louis photo has been demolished, and the school is closed, boarded up with now weathered plywood.

Update: The school building is still not doing well as of December of 2016.

Upon closer inspection, the copper gutter was ripped back from its mooring along the roof. Was it just the weather, or has someone begun to scavenge for copper on this neglected building? The results are immediate, as the water is now running down the side of the building.

Across the street, a house sits abandoned. Did the owners once walk across the street to mass? Why is this house in this shape now?

From the vaults: A couple of photos below that were not originally published back in 2012.

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  1. That was once quite a vibrant parish (the ex was in it).Like quite a few parishes, it operated a parish high school from (I think) the mid-'50s until the late '60s/early '70s.The LOCAL parishes that operated their own HS's, apart from the Archdicesan system: Corpus Christi, St. Peters in Kirkwood (Coyle), St. John the Baptist and St. Francis de Sales in South City. St. Anthony of Padua, also South, did as well, but it was unusual in that it was for girls only.St. John's was the last to close, in 2008.Coyle's building is now part of the St. Peter's GS complex (I went to that GS long ago).The Archdiocesan web site shows that the property was sold to the ALexian brothers and now contains offices (dunno how current that is, though).

    1. Ann says:

      It was a coed high school until about 1965 or so, because a bunch of boys from there enrolled in Jennings Sr. High when that happened

      1. Jan Eads says:

        It became an all girls HS in 1966 when I attended as a freshman.

        1. Chris Naffziger says:

          Jan, you wouldn’t happen to be related to James Eads, the famous engineer and bridge builder?

        2. Magge says:

          it became a coed school with pre-school to 8th grade when I attended in the 90’s

    2. Mary C. Parks says:

      When opened, the high school was Corpus Christi Parish school, CCPH; however, the far more powerful Archdiocese decided to take it away and a disgraceful, years long legal battled ensued, which, inevitably, the victim parish was doomed to lose, giving the annexed archdiocesan school the name Corpus Christi High School, CCHS.

      1. Mary Stengel says:

        Just saw this. Loved the beautiful old church & never really liked the new one but accepted the reality. Thanks for sharing the pics.

    3. Michael Lococo says:

      I went to Corpus in first grade.Does anyone remember Sister Bernadette?

      1. Barbara K says:

        Oh yes, I remember Sister Bernadette. Sad to see the church deteriorating. I was at the school til 8th grade and like many others went on to Fairview and then Jennings Sr High

    4. Mary Strovinsky Kane says:

      Great teen dances there in the early 70s! The Catholics provided-teen dances at different parishes almost every day of the week! This protestant kid loved it!

  2. "Was it just the weather, or has someone begun to scavenge for copper on this neglected building?"It wasn't the weather. The old school has recently been used as a local food shelter. Its always under attack from vandals. Most recently the copper wiring was stolen.

    1. Jill Waldman says:

      My father graduated grade school there . He was born in 1921 when did the school first open ?

  3. Chris says:

    That's terrible.

  4. Chris says:

    It's offices and a rec center for the elderly, from what we could see through the windows.

  5. samizdat says:

    Well, in part anyway, one can blame Chinese demand (now slumping, along with their economy) and GoldmanSachs hoarding (in vast warehouses; plug it into a search engine. Oh, I can hardly wait for the copper commodities markets to crash/snark off) for the ridiculously inflated price of copper these days. Of course, the other component in copper theft is the absolutely illegal practice of metal brokers accepting what are obviously stolen items. I mean really, patina-ed guttering and decorative trim, as well as entire pallets of stolen tubing, along with wiring which must obviously show signs of being wrenched from its source? Yeah, riiiiiight.

  6. This is OT, but – a couple of years I had occasion to drive up Jennings Station Road, a few blocks South of W. Florissant and the church.I noted this immense building that housed the Jennings Police Department and jail (and ONLY it/not City Hall) – WAY bigger than the poor city of Jennings needed. I mentioned this to a friend whose family business was in Jennings from the '40s until the later '60s.He said that the largest portion of the city's revenue comes from housing many federal and state prisoners in that building, prior to trial. Apparently the city identified a revenue source some years ago and followed Ray Kinsella's voice.I presume that is still a source, although the Jennings PD was disbanded and policing was outsourced some years ago to the County PD.

  7. Kevin Class of 69 says:

    Very sad. Many great memories there. Seems to be a sign of things to come. Attendance at churches are falling off drastically and members are aging quickly. No priest in the pipeline. At my parish the average age of priest is 65 and parishioners about the a result, more closings to come. Sad.

  8. Brian Yost says:

    My dad was a teacher here back in the 50s-60s wish I could have seen it before it went down hill…

    1. B A Kuntze says:

      Now comes a walk down memory lane because I remember Mr Yost, your father very well. He was my 4th grade teacher back in the ’60s.

      1. I had Mr. Yost also! Great teacher. Mary Beth Gill (Mossinghoff)

        1. Richard R Taylor says:

          I attended Corpus Christi grade school and graduated in 1955! My sister graduated in 1954. We had only Ursuline nuns as teachers. I only knew the old church, and was sad to see it demolished for the new more modern structure. I remember the name Mossinghoff. Was your father a plumber? It is very sad to see the deterioration and abandonment of so many Catholic churchs.

    2. Chuck Isaak says:

      I also was taught 4th grade in the 60s by Mr. Yost

      Great teacher

      1. Brian Yost says:

        I will tell him you both said hi!

        1. Carmen Sgroi says:

          Class of 1968 – Corpus Christi Elementary School – 50th Reunion
          Brian…we would love if your Father could come to help us celebrate on SEPTEMBER 29th. If he is interested…please have him or you contact Matt Freeman at the email address:

      2. Donna says:

        Mr. Yost was my teacher too, whose class i really enjoyed. Please wish him well from Donna Novak!

      3. Tim Judge says:

        Excellent comments and memories from so many! I graduated from CC grade school in ’68 and was followed by 7 other brothers. My favorite teachers were Mr. Scanlon and Sister Martin. I remember bussing tables in the bowling alley during the evening and keeping the gym cleaned, playing much basketball, soccer and baseball and getting sick at every school picnic (motion sickness from the tilt-a-world) even though I would later in life jump out of airplanes! I can remember the many trains passing by the school yard and wondering where they were headed. Will pass this site on to my brothers.

        1. Joan Gogel Jacobson says:

          I remember your brother Joseph Judge from kindergarten Corpus Christi. I always remembered his name as it was a shock to lose such a young child.

          1. Keith Bandle says:

            Do you happen to have two brothers? I went to McBride High School with a Mark Gogel.

        2. Michael Lococo says:

          Hi my name is Michael Lococo, I lived in Jennings, my dad had Cusie’s Pizzeria. Do you know if Joe Dalaeo is still living? I think one of your brothers married his daughter.

          1. Keith Bandle says:

            The best pizza ever!!!

          2. Ken Sinclair says:

            I lived in Jennings. We could go to Ponticellos and the Village Inn pizzerias, but Cusies was by far the best and their italian fried chicken was dynamite too.

          3. Ken Sinclair says:

            Cusie’s pizza was THE BEST. Their italian fried chicken was also great

      4. Steve Lapinski says:

        I too remember Mr. Host and was one of my favorite teachers. I had him as a 4th grade teacher in 1963.

    3. Joan (Hall) Williams says:

      Mr. Yost was my teacher in 4th grade as well. My twin sister and I used to be on his “Student of the Month” role frequently and he would take us to the book store to buy new books for our class as a reward. One of my favorite teachers. Great memories such as: “The Nifty Fifty” in the Corpus Christi Picnic Parade. Please pass along my best regards.

    4. Bob Promaroli says:

      I also remember your dad . He was a fair , but stickler teacher . Nobody liked his required use of ink cartridge pens . But was a good example of man .

    5. Mary says:

      I remember your dad! He was a neat person and very hip!!!!

    6. Greg Klocke says:

      Brian, I had your dad as my teacher . He was a good man and a better teacher. Unlike some of the other posts I was not a student of the month. I did enjoy being in his class.

    7. Tom McDermott says:

      Your dad was my fourth grade teacher also: Tom McDermott. His classroom was on the second floor at the end of the at the gym end of the elementary school building. He was a good man, fair with his students and a great teacher.

    8. Clea Mcelwee says:

      Your dad was an amazing teacher, i had him as well! I remember him helping me write my name & telling me that the letter “C” was a beautiful letter. Plz tell him hi & Merry Christmas from Clea Pardo!

    9. Kathy says:

      Brian, was your dad an elementary teacher at Corpus Christi–Wayne Yost? I was his student; my brother was also. I ran into him in the KC area where I live many years ago. He was a textbook salesman then he told me. Is he still alive? Kathy

    10. Cathy Doggendorf de Romero says:

      Brian I had your dad as my teacher. I was the class of 1967. He was such a nice teacher and person. It was a great school and parrish. I am 65 now. Is your dad still living.

    11. Karen McDermott says:

      I had Mr Yost as a teacher in 4th grade

    12. Barbara K says:

      Omg. My fourth grade teacher Mr Yost. He was my favorite teacher there.

  9. A. Morrow-Clark says:

    This is the grade school from which I graduated in 1979. Later in the late 90’s my mother joined this parish after many North city parishes closed. I remember this was a massive property with two school buildings, a huge playground, ample parking, a gymnasium, a huge grassy field and do I recall a bowling alley? The church was very modern and quite beautiful. I made my First Communion here and my Confirmation. How sad to see it deteriorate.

    1. KG says:

      There was a bowling alley, yes.

  10. carol hauptfleisch halloran 1961 says:

    Corpus Chriti High School was an Archdiocese High school ..opened in 1957 to serve the most northern parishes of the county St Aloysius,St Catherine of Alex. St Jerome,St Pius,St Casimer,Good Counsel Corpus Christi, St Sebastian,.. there were 150 students in the first class..divided into 5 pods of 30 students,based on tests taken in January,1957 and assigned academic goals.
    the first year we were joined by 150 freshman from the St Thomas Aquinas high school under construction on Dunn Rd in Florissant..the sophomore class attended Sacred Heart original school.
    Each year an underclass joined our ranks total of 600 students when we graduated in 1961…since we were first a lot of the tradtions evolved as we grew,,
    we had a wonderful drama program…Jim Grumich who is still active at Trinity in theatre…
    Annie Get your Gun 1960, Oklahoma 1959?

    My mom was the part time music teacher from 1957 through 1960 and then back again is quite an experience to be faculty goofing off..

    we had a wonderful highschool experience ..most of the lay teachers were young and had high expectations ..Father Wurm was the Administrator and Mother Patrick OSU was the principal..very intelligent and well educated nuns..the facilities were new and well appointed….all in all a verywell balanced education with an emphasis on responsibility and respect…

  11. Marcia Gorden says:

    I would like to know who now own the church and part of the school building that’s left?

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      I believe it is owned and used as a senior day center by Fairview Village Senior Living. The school, unfortunately, and as far as I can tell, is still sitting abandoned.

  12. Rev. Herman Toles says:

    Interested in knowing who owners the church and school building. Our church is 16 years old and we have been sharing a Building with another church. We are now looking for a forever home for our congregation. We spotted the old school behind overgrown trees and weeds. We love, love the church, but looks like work is going on inside or it has been abandoned.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      I believe it functions as a senior citizens’ center nowadays.
      There seem to be many churches available for sale around North County–good luck in your search!

      1. Rev. Herman Toles says:

        It is such a beautiful building, I felt lead to it. what about the former school building?

        1. Chris Naffziger says:

          I have not been up that way in many years, but it was sadly deteriorating and abandoned when we visited. But it looks like a nice building.

  13. Rev. Herman Toles says:

    Thank You. God Bless!

  14. Elizaabeth (Betty) Hoff-Gersbach says:

    I was baptized into the Catholic Church at Corpus Christi. It was 1962 so it was not the church pictured but the previous structure. The new church building had a beautiful baptismal and in the morning the stained glass windows would reflect against the huge white wall behind the alter. The roof had issues from day 1 and it seemed like the numerous hanging lights from the ceiling were always swaying from unfelt breezes. It was magnificent and ultra modern. I think there were 6 masses on Sunday. There was no kindergarten so I attended Woodland. I entered first grade at Corpus Christi and departed in 1977 with my eighth grade graduation. During the entire time Monsignor Bernard Stolte was our parish leader. He was very scary to all of us. It was quite the hub. While I attended there were only really 2 major changes. The closing of the high school and the demolition of the convent when I was about 11/12. I remember the last day for the high school and the girls crying because they would not be returning. I remember a feeling of loneliness and emptiness when the nuns were moved elsewhere. In first grade I was in the “new” building. The school cafeteria was in the basement of this building. If you weaved through the cafeteria to go outside, after you didn’t eat your school lunch, you could see into the bowling alley through the metal gate. It had a full bar and always smelled a little like beer and wax from the alleys. They had open bowling and held leagues here. You entered through a side door alongside the gym from Switzer. There was a small lighted sign that merely said “Bowling”. The alley itself was beneath the gym. Not all 2nd graders were housed in the “old” building but I spent 2nd and 3rd grades there. This was a small building between the church and the high school. It was probably the original school house. We only used the first floor for actual classes. Some of the ceilings had collapsed on upper floors. Although I think that Sister Edith had a special workroom there. She taught reading to upper grades but was also incredibly creative. She would make all kinds of “prizes” for our in-school fair. She crocheted and sewed. Sadly I did not have Mrs. White for 3rd grade. Everyone loved Mrs. White. Everything about this building was old. There had been no updating. You stepped back into time. We could not use the original main entrance but exited from the back near my 3rd grade classroom. 4th and 5th grades found me in the “new” building again. To get to the gym you could enter from the street entrance on Switzer or go through the boiler room on the first floor which is what we used. In 5th grade entered the Daughters of Charity as teachers. For 6th, 7th, and 8th grades I made it to the old high school building. This building had a library! Around this time began a Montessori in the old high school cafeteria. In 7th grade my homeroom teacher was Mr. Scanlon. He was the teacher nobody wanted but everyone lucky to have. A dedicated man that was denied the priesthood due to being diabetic (that’s what the sisters told us) but gave his life to his faith anyway. In his class we said the Angelus prayer everyday at noon. He drove a beautiful 60’s black mustang with a white interior. Probably the only luxury he let himself have. He was an extreme disciplinarian who taught love of our faith and respect of ourselves. He was not above giving someone a talking to if they were not in full school uniform while on school premises. He was in charge of all the special things like the Patrol Boys, Alter Boys, etc. while I was there. He kept tabs on me for a few years after I graduated. I would wave to him as I walked to Jennings High School. I think he was sorely disappointed that I did not attend Rosary High School. I still hear him call “Miss Hoff” in my head. The campus itself had the Church, the rectory, the old building, the old hall across from the back of the rectory (Father McCarthy kept his beagles in a pen near the old hall – he was a hunter and drove a Volvo wagon), a small brick building for the quilters next to the old hall. the convent, the high school, the new building, the gym, a big field with concrete bleachers (there was some baseball played and some soccer), and a special education building on the lower parking area/playground behind the gym (which also hosted AA in evenings) – all situated right next to the railroad tracks. Our gym was THE gym for the other teams in our district like St. Christopher, St. Lucy, etc. Volleyball and basketball were played here. The big basketball tournament was held here every year. My particular class was known for our voice. As a group we were unique and if someone wanted vocal chorus for a funeral we were called in to serve. It was not the newest place, we did not have new books, gym and art class were sporadic but I left there with a better than average education and sense of discipline that has served me well in every difficult situation in my adult life. I have been accused of not caring enough because in crisis situations I remain calm. My parish gave me a strong foundation to become the adult that I am.

    1. Jeanne Naumann Higdon says:

      Nice reflections. Thank you for sharing. Naumo, Class of ’72

    2. Mark Reese says:

      Betty , you mentioned Father McCarthy , he was at St Francis Xavier was he not ? I attended CC 3rd and 4th in ’73-’75 range I think but St Francis was our church

    3. Mary Stengel says:

      Just saw this nearly 3 yrs later, but enjoyed your shared memories. When I went to CC in the 50’s, the 2 story brick bldg between the church & the hi school was the priests’ rectory.

    4. Joan says:

      That was a beautiful remembrance and I recognized every bit. It was our corner of the world. We would not know each other because I graduated 8th grade in ’65 but thanks for the 3D memories.

  15. Bob Layton says:

    I went to CC from kindergarten through 8th grade and graduated in 1958. Originally there was a small building that was a kindergarten (to the left of the convent) and later used as a home for one of the caretakers. The convent was very large. I spent my grade school years in the “old” school but the new school had already been built. I remember seeing the new school and gym/bowling alley being build. The school picnics were very large. We lived a mile away but usually walked to the picnic as there was no close parking. I was part of the second class at the high school. We were supposed to be the first class but the construction finished earlier than expected. I graduated from CC high school in 1962. It’s sad to see the decline.. I was never in the “new” church but I remember the old church being nice. From my early years, the only remaining building is the old high school which, I think was later used as the grade school but I may not be correct on this. I know that the high school later became an all girls school as two of my nieces attended then. I loved the chocolate malts at Kam’s Kottage.

    1. Tim Osner says:

      I’m so glad I found this site. My sister and I went to school here in the mid 50s to 1960. I remember the old church. It had huge crucifix over the altar (at leat huge to my 7 year old eyes). Does anyone have a photograph of the old church interior? We use to walk to school from Mora Lane every day. We moved from St Louis to Chicago in 1960. I never adjusted and always wanted to go back to St Louis.

      1. Chris Naffziger says:

        The old or “new” Modernist church?
        Here’s the interior of the Modernist church before renovation into a community center:

        1. Mary Stengel says:

          Just saw this. Loved the beautiful old church & never really liked the new one but accepted the reality. Thanks for sharing the pics.

          1. Chris Naffziger says:

            Mary, I’ve never seen pictures of the old church; do you have any I could see?

          2. Joan says:

            That was a beautiful remembrance and I recognized every bit. It was our corner of the world. We would not know each other because I graduated 8th grade in ’65 but thanks for the vivid 3D memories. Ours was the last grade school class to graduate from the old church. My mother made my graduation dress (white of course) and took some exterior pics of me and some friends, many of whom were softly crying. We went home, changed clothes and took a bus to watch a Cardinals’ game (bleachers) where we all got sun burns. Those were among the happiest days of my childhood,

      2. Judy says:

        Hi Tim, I lived on Mora Lane but in the 70’s and 80’s. Perhaps you were long gone by then. That seems like a long walk to Corpus Christi. I did also attend that school from Kindergarten to 2nd grade. I also moved to Chicago (but in my adulthood).

    2. Mary Stengel (Behrens) says:

      Hello, Bob. You’re among the very few CCGS ’58 grads I’ve seen on any of the CC online sites. How are you? I didnt get to go to CCHS since my dad made me go to IWA. But I have very similar memories of our old parish & think we were given a great education there. Lot of the kids didnt like the nuns, thought they were too strict, but I loved them all, except for 3rd grade, Mother Rosemund. Couldn’t stand her. Lol. Hope all is well with you.

  16. Janice Baer says:

    Very good posts! Grade school class of ’75. Wonderful memories and childhood!

  17. Adrienne Corley Johnson says:

    Wonderful rerflections! All the Corleys went to Corpus Christi Elementary; since the high school became an all-girls school after I graduated in 1966(due to the gym being used as a church and everyone knew girls didn’t need pe; boys did, ha! not today you wouldn’t get away with that!) my brother Kevin went to CCHS as a freshman and then to Rosary. My other three brothers went to McBride, SLUH, and Jennings (a public school!). Corpus had a great campus and was a great place to grow up. The old church was beautiful; I never saw the need for a new church; to me it was a want of the new pastor. Father Blankemeier was a monsignor but never used the title. My mother always said he was a humble man; he “lit his own candles.” I can still see him with his cassock on going down the steps to light some of the candles. There was a rectory, hall with chapel underneath. On Sunday afternoons, Father Blankemeier would show movies for the children ( I guess to give parents a break.) If we were too loud, he would shut down the movie and tell us he was going to “hang us by our thumbs from the rafters.” That image remains with me to this day…we shut up in a big hurry. In my early days of teaching, I would tell my students that; today you would probably be fired; no one would see the humor. We had a Kindergarten building which had a second floor; I had my grade two up there. The gym was connected to the cafeteria. An earlier comment described how it was connected. I had my third grade in a classroom near the cafeteria. So the only grade I had upstairs in the main part of the “new”school was first grade. There was a bookstore which had a WONDERFUL smell. Even though I probably did not need supplies, I can remember going there for maybe a pencil or something small. I loved the smell. After lunch we could buy penny candy. I never had a dime for the large soft pretzels. But there were small fat ones (SALT) that cost I think a nickel. Sometimes the nuns would make us do exercises at recess and we had to count along: one, two, three, four, two, two, three, four, three, two, three, four, four, two, three, four, CLASS HALT! (that meant for the younger generation: STOP!). If the nun said stop, you STOPPED. The Angelus bell rang at noon; do not remember the prayer that we said or who it was to, but I loved it. We were separated from the boys in the seventh and eighth grades (my class anyway) We had separate rooms, drinking fountain, doors, play area spaces. Mother Isador taughth the boys and would pull the shades down when the girls class (Mother Loyola) passed. We would say Mother Isador Is A Door…please don’t tell anyone I said that! I graduated in 1966. We went to chaperoned CYC parties (really not parties EVENTS). Yes Mr. Grumich was LOVED but I was terrified of his Speech class and told my mother his impromptu speech assignments were meant to mortify me. NO,the isn’t true she would say. He had a child who passed away very young and everyone was so so sad for him and his wife.

    1. Kathy says:

      Adrienne, you were my group leader in after-lunch exercises on the playground!!! I so remember you and the counting you mentioned…and CLASS HALT!! I graduated from 6th grade in 1966 and my family had already moved. Did you graduate from high school in ’66, because I know you were older than me. I also became a teacher–in Blue Springs, a KC suburb. Where did you teach?

      1. Kathy Powers-Maxon says:

        Oops! I mean I graduated from 8th grade at cc in 1966. I reread your post. You were 4 years ahead of me.

    2. Thank you for the great memories. I will never forget the incredible glazed donuts we had for breakfast after morning mass. Mary Beth (Mossinghoff) Gill

      1. Jim Bunk says:

        2Donuts and a milk $.12
        Jim, say Hi to Mark

  18. Steve Roehr says:

    Lots of great memories there; the church, parish, picnics, bowling alley, etc. thanks for sharing!

  19. Scott cameron says:

    I father owned the bowling alley on tbe late 80’s before buying nothland bowl.

    1. Keith Corey says:

      That bowling alley was really cool. I went bowling there in the late 60’s when I was a kid.

  20. Joe LoGrasso says:

    Came to this site to see if convent was still there and occupied. Looking for Mother Mary Martin DePoures I think was her name when I was in her 6th grade class. She may still be living and would love to visit her. She was the nicest teacher to me in my life. Occasionally think of her wandering if she is living. We had had an 8th grade reunion last summer which I enjoyed but disappointed a lot of people I remembered didn’t show up. Find, fond memories of Corpus Christi.

  21. Kirk Lawless says:

    I lived in the house across from Corpus Christi, 8410 Jennings Rd. I grew up behind that house on Belle Avenue. I attended Corpus Christi School and my kids did as well while I was a Jennings cop, when I changed departments we moved to Florissant. And yes we walked to mass from the old house. The folks that bought it just let it fall apart. It was a really cool house when we lived there. It was a great community to grow up in. We moved to Jennings from north St Louis in 1966. We moved from the house on Jennings road in late 1987

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Thank you for sharing, Kirk! Where in North City did you live?

  22. Ken Sinclair says:

    I lived in Jennings. We could go to Ponticellos and the Village Inn pizzerias, but Cusies was by far the best and their italian fried chicken was dynamite too.

  23. James Lehn says:

    I attended Corpus till 4th grade. Went to St. Lucy till 8th grade. Went back to Corpus high school till 1966 then to Rosary high scool in 1967.

  24. Keith Corey says:

    My grandmother lived just across West Florissant two blocks down Gaylord Drive. It was the house my mom grew up in. I remember visiting Grandma and riding my bike up to Corpus Christi with a kid that lived a couple of doors up from my grandmother. This was in the late 60’s and we would go to the bowling alley. It seems like there was a lot of ornate woodwork in the bowling alley and around the bar, wish I had pictures, I’m sure it was just as cool looking as I remember. The ball return sent the balls back above the floor instead of under like most alleys I’ve been in.

  25. Alyzabeth Adams says:

    I attended Corpus Christi as well. I was kicked out for opening the annex door for a frantic mother who got a call saying her child was having an asthma attack. Before I opened it there was a boy named Alfred who was taunting her through the mirror. After I opened it she brushed passed me and grabbed him up by the collar, said something through her teeth, put him down and proceeded to find her child. Later, my moma found out I couldn’t go back for the next school year…however the school was being shut down that following school year anyway.

    I wanted to know whatever happened to Mrs. “Sielowski” I think that’s how you spell it I could be wrong. I would’ve been c/o 2013

    I had Mrs. McCormick for first grade
    Mrs. Driskil for second
    And Mrs. Schwartz 🙄 for third grade

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