Hancock Middle School Gymnasium, Revisited

I was out near Hancock Middle School, so I took some more pictures of the place.

While the rest of the building seems to have been torn down and replaced by two new additions, the original, iconic domed gymnasium seems to have garnered enough pride that it was spared.

Something I did not realize last time was that it has a wooden understructure.

Likewise, this is one of the coolest smokestacks I’ve ever seen.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your picture of "Hancock Middle School Gymnasium", is actually, and always has been, the High School Gym. Had a swimming pool downstairs.

  2. Norman Lake says:

    Anonymous is correct. Around back there was a ball diamond and a track. The upper floor was the basketball court. There was also a cafeteria for the high school students that overlooked the pool To the west of the gym was Ward 3 grade school. Haven’t been back in YEARS…so I have no idea what the area looks like today.

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