Keep Up the Bad Work!

Update: The storefront collapsed and was demolished in June of 2013 after the repair work resulted in further spalling of the western wall of the building.

An out-of-city absentee landlord is busily letting a neighborhood anchor deteriorate, with little or no effort at trying to repair the building. And why should he care? There are no legal consequences to not caring in this city. As you can see from my recent photo, the building continues to collapse.

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  1. MessengerBoy says:

    Here is a house that the current owner (who I am told still lives in the area) is just letting fall into ruin. It is located on the Northwest corner of Washington Terrace and Lake Ave near Delmar and Union. I believe it is for sale, but for a much higher price than anyone seems willing to pay consider all the rehab work that needs done.

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