Lafayette Square Side Streets

Update: I explored more of the side streets of the neighborhood in August of 2019.

I forget sometimes that the strength of Lafayette Square lies not in the mansions on the square–though they are certainly amazing–but the side streets where more modest, but equally majestic homes help anchor the entire neighborhood.

Here is a vestige of Lafayette Square losing prominence in the early 20th Century: a storefront built out the front of a house.

Above is a great example of Mansard Roofs, in the restrained manner that I love so much in neighborhoods inside Grand Blvd.

There are a few Greek Revival or Federal style houses as well, as this interesting juxtaposition of Italianate and Federalist rowhouses demonstrate.

I like how the owners of this house left the door with its rough patina intact.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We used to own this house. The doors are not orignal, but were created in a high school woodshop class. We looked for someone to refurbish them, but they are badly warped and need a great deal of work.We sold the house in 2000, and they still remain the same.

  2. Chris says:

    How interesting, there's a million stories behind everything in this city, isn't there?

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