Old Concordia Theological Seminary


One hundred years ago, it must have been something to travel down South Jefferson, and come across what amounted to a veritable acropolis of German Lutheran society. The Lutheran Hospital, Lutheran School of Nursing, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Concordia Publishing, and the largest of them all, Concordia Theological Seminary. As usual, the site of the grand historic building is now a parking lot. But back in 1849, at least some of the building above was built. I suspect, from stylistic grounds, that the two wings are much older than the Italianate flavored central core.

Concordia Compton and Dry

You can see the first building sitting on Jefferson; I strongly suspect they moved into some houses on what would have been out in the middle of nowhere at the time.


The building above looks to be from the 1880s, and largely continues the overall massing of the previous building, but much larger. It is a pity it was demolished.

Old Concordia Seminary

Update: This has now opened as the new Intersect Arts Center.

But as can be seen, the wing constructed by the early Twentieth, which was much more modern, was spared.



Below, this is where the addition connected to the older building.



The medallion looks like it was designed by Louis Sullivan, even though obviously it wasn’t. But it is so strange to see it there.

_MG_6062 _MG_6063

An art show was going on the day I was there.

_MG_6064 _MG_6068 _MG_6070

It is sad to see these forlorn buildings, sitting largely vacant, constantly reminding us of what used to flourish on Jefferson Avenue.


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