Poplar Street Bridge Approaches, Revisited

Update: The construction is now complete, with the ramp now expanded to two lanes.

The rebuilding of the inadequate, dangerous ramp that hugged the street grid south of the Poplar Street Bridge and gave northbound I-55 access to the eastbound lanes has begun. The piece of concrete above has changed since the last time I photographed it (scroll down to the bottom).

It is strange just seeing bare dirt where the ramp once was. It is not secured, and anyone could wander into the construction site.

Further south, the elevated lanes of 55/44 are slowly deteriorating. I imagined what it was once like in this space three hundred years ago–grass blowing in the wind, animals running around, maybe a human or two hunting. It is a sad commentary that we build such ugly places on this earth.

Oh, and that’s wonderful, a spent shell casing lying on the sidewalk at 4th and Cerre Streets.

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