South on Compton Avenue #3: Gravois Park from Cherokee to Chippewa Street

Update: See the west side of Compton in these posts from 2017 (last photo) and 2021.

Houses range from right after the Civil War, as can be seen above, to buildings built in the early Twentieth Century.

These houses below sit far back from the street, alluding to their age. As neighborhoods developed over the decades, the street wall started to form closer to the sidewalk.

But abandonment and deterioration is starting to creep into Gravois Park.

Update: See the west side of Compton from October of 2017 and the summer of 2021.

There was a time where many police officers actually lived in the neighborhood, I was told.

The future is not clear–will nearby Cherokee Street revive these neighborhoods, or will people continue to come visit and then leave after dinner?

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