Blocks, Calvary Cemetery

I took this picture through a car window covered with raindrops, but focused it so much the foreground was focused out of existence. Taken waiting out the rain at the gate of Calvary.

Calvary Cemetery Prairie

It recently came to my attention via a newspaper article that virgin prairie still exists inside the confines of the sprawling Calvary Cemetery in North St. Louis. It is worth checking out at the far northern end of the cemetery. What is even more jarring is that the city ceases to exist around the prairie,…

Calvary Cemetery Mausoleum

Update: Text and photographs substantially revised in May of 2020. The Mausoleum of Calvary Cemetery opened in 1941; it is a fascinating mix of traditional Roman Catholic art and architecture going back to the Paleo-Christian era all the way to the Modernist period. For example, the above rotunda replicates depictions of mosaics I have seen…

Calvary Cemetery Tower

I know have no idea of the purpose of this tower in the center of Calvary Cemetery, though it has a certain Italian Romanesque feel to it.