Taum Sauk Mountain

My parents, aunt and I took a trip down to the Arcadia Valley, and ascended Taum Sauk Mountain, the tallest mountain in the state of Missouri. As we wound up Route CC, the road that leads to the top of the peak, we were confused. No tall mountain loomed in front of us; only trees and rusted cars on cement blocks stretched out to the left and right. Finally we made it to the top of the mountain, and I remarked,

“This is the lamest tall mountain I’ve ever been on.”

The forest fire spotting tour, which protrudes vertiginously above the tree line, rose in front of us. It was pouring down rain and only my father climbed the tower, only to be turned back by a locked door at the top. I commented that my father was the highest person in Missouri at 1772 feet at that moment, as the tower was unmanned at the time. I guess there’s not many fires to worry about when it’s raining.

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  1. samizdat says:

    You should actually hike Taum Sauk, as my wife and I have done at least a dozen times over the last five years or so. Or perhaps wonder at the 1.2 Billion year old granite on which it sits. Yeah, the plaque is rather anti-climactic, but the hike is a beauty. In all seasons, Taum Sauk is a wonder.

  2. Chris says:

    I should have mentioned that my father said the views were stunning from the point on the tower he reached. Also, I did research the park when I got home, and you're right, it's much more rewarding if you:a) are there when it's not pouring down rain.b) go to the visitors' center and learn more about what you can do at the park.

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