Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Headquarters

This incredible skyscraper has seen new life as a Hotel Monaco. It is truly incredible, and apparently so well-maintained that the bellhop said very little renovation of the spectacular lobby was needed.

Hampden, Baltimore

Hampden, pronounced Ham-den, is one of the most unique neighborhoods in America. Long the subject of John Waters movies, the once isolated mill town north of Baltimore is now right in the middle of the city, sitting on the hills above the Jones Falls Valley. Yes, that is a giant flamingo. The Avenue, or 36th…

Battle Monument, Downtown Baltimore

This monument is notable for commemorating not a victorious general, but rather soldiers who died in the defense of Baltimore in 1814. Supposedly, it is the first to do so.

Bolton Hill, Baltimore

Once one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city, Bolton Hill is located on a diagonal street grid northwest of downtown Baltimore. Even the wealthy neighborhoods were rowhouses, though several large boulevards dominate the area to this day. See it from the air here.

Skyscraper, Downtown Baltimore

I know nothing about this building, other than it is very cool and has recently been turned into apartments. See it from the air here while still under renovation.

The Transfiguration, Bolton Hill, Baltimore

We were driving by a church in the historic Bolton Hill neighborhood of Baltimore, when we spotted this awesome altarpiece in a church around the corner from my friend Rachel’s house. It is unique, representing a relatively uncommon subject matter in early Twentieth Century altar painting. Just one of the many little surprises in Baltimore.

Shot Tower, Baltimore

The Shot Tower, built in the early Nineteenth Century, was once the tallest structure in the United States. The building produced lead shot for muskets and rifles. Molten lead was dropped one drop at time from the top, and after achieving zero gravity that formed the lead into a sphere, the ball would be hardened…