Checking Up on Far North County

Years ago BeltSTL and I took a drive around Far North County and checked out some old buildings, including this old farmstead. The barns appear to look in good condition, though there has been no progress on finding a new use for them. Jamestown Mall is now completely dead, and the parking lots are blocked…

Long Lost Sculpture, Jamestown Mall

Update: Jamestown Mall is closed and abandoned. There are two other sculptures, seen here and here, whose status are undetermined. We went into the now-defunct Dillard’s to get a shot through the glass of the long lost hidden sculpture of Jamestown Mall.

Dillard’s, Jamestown Mall

Update: Jamestown Mall is closed and abandoned. See Dillard’s in April of 2019. The massive Dillard’s building is not without its charms. The reflective glass has begun to fade on the front entrance. I like the details of the restaurant’s windows, which puncture the side of the white brick facade. Update: April 2019, an additional photograph…

Wehrenberg Sculpture, Jamestown Mall

Update: Jamestown Mall is closed and abandoned. There are two other sculptures, seen here and here, whose status are undetermined. No one knows who designed this sculpture, or even its real name. But decades of stoned teenagers have come to know it as the “Wehrenberg Sculpture” after its similarity to the letter W. It cuts a thin profile as well….

Crumby Run-Down Malls of St. Louis #7, Jamestown Mall

Update: Jamestown Mall has been retroactively named “Crumby Run-Down Mall of St. Louis #7″ due to its closure. The site sits abandoned, awaiting redevelopment that is a long time in coming. This could be another cliche entry about “dead malls,” but my recent trip to Jamestown Mall reveals that many people still have hope for…