Paul Brown Building

Built on the first floor and foundations of an earlier building, the Paul Brown Building makes up roughly the other half of the block occupied by the Arcade-Wright Building. I find the decoration in terracotta hard to quantify: what style is it really other than a playful mixture of different styles such as a dentilated…

Downtown Views

Update: Pyramid Companies went bankrupt, but the buildings renovation by a new company was completed in September 2015.

Old Blog Post

Update: This view of St. Louis is extremely out of date, written from the standpoint of still living on the East Coast. My attitudes have changed dramatically. Downtown St. Louis: Where No St. Louisan Has Gone Before I took the opportunity the Friday before I headed back to DC to do an architectural survey of…

Downtown Doorways

Not enough attention is paid to the entries into buildings nowadays, in my opinion. Below is the door to the Paul Brown Building. Below is the door to the Southwestern Bell Building. Below is a building’s door on the east side of Old Post Office Square, which is an excellent example of Classically inspired architecture….

Older Foundations, Paul Brown Building

It turns out that the Paul Brown Building was built one hundred years ago on the first floor of an older 19th Century structure. Recently they revealed the ancient pink granite columns that were partially shaved to building the second building.

The Arcade Building

Update: Pyramid Companies went bankrupt, but the building’s renovation by a new company was completed in September 2015. This weekend my parents and I decided to take a look at several of the new condo projects in downtown St. Louis. If I actually have the money in 2009, I would really like to buy one….

Two Downtown Office Building Lobbies

Many of the old buildings in downtown St. Louis still possess their original lobbies, some of which are breathtaking. Below is the lobby of the Paul Brown Building, recently restored as condominiums. The stucco work is fantastic in this building, and more importantly, the lobby is lined with shop spaces–in direct contradiction to Modernist buildings…