North Brush Park and Eastern Market, Detroit

We head back south on Woodward Avenue to the 1888 Frank J. Hecker House, which sits on the northeast corner of East Ferry Street. Hecker was a partner of Charles Lang Freer, and together they made a fortune in their Peninsular Railroad Car Company. The house is based off Chenonceaux, which I visited last year….

Over the Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio

We’re heading to Cincinnati, Ohio next, to look at Over the Rhine, which is one of the best preserved early Nineteenth Century neighborhoods in America. St. Louis used to have numerous neighborhoods like Over the Rhine, but we annihilated them like fools. Kosciusko, Carr Square (read part two) and Mill Creek, all neighborhoods in St….

French Market Area, Revisited

I looked at the French Market area almost a decade ago in February of 2011 when there was a thick coat of ice on the ground in the area south of the elevated lanes of Highway 40 in the area that is known as Frenchtown. It was once a bustling area, anchored by the French…

Checking In on St. Louis Place, Late September 2018

Update: As of November of 2021, every building in this post is now destroyed. Reservoir Market was finally put out of its misery, sometime before September of this year. It looks like some of its walls are still preserved in its neighboring buildings. It is a sad loss, but not unexpected. Update: The Freie Gemeinde…

Reservoir Market, Sitting

Update: Demolished by September of 2018. Sadly, as I had suspected, the historic Reservoir Market is suffering further collapse of its front facade. I suppose it is not long for this world.

Reservoir Market

Update: Demolished by September of 2018. Soulard Market was not always the only public market in St. Louis; French Market and Mound Market are two other fairly well documented markets that served the residents of St. Louis inside Jefferson Avenue. But there was yet another one, the Reservoir Market, which is labeled as #7 in…

South Public Super Market

Update: This is the old Carondelet South Market. The old North Carondelet City Market can be seen here, converted into the historic African American Quinn Chapel AME Church. Historic photo added in October of 2021. This is clearly an older market building, but it has received multiple additions of the years, expanding to its current…