Mask, Portland, Maine

Left where it was discovered years after which the building upon it sat burned to the ground, this ornate mask, representing Commedia, rests in a park outside of a new movie theater.

Beaver Block, Portland, Maine

It was interesting how well all of the historic commercial buildings are labeled in the Old Port area. It seems their original owners were keen to advertise their business. The inventiveness of the various signs are particularly fascinating.

East End Houses, Portland, Maine

I found the architecture of houses in Portland’s East End to be both interesting and unique. There is very little red brick used outside of the commercial core of the city, so the vast majority of houses are wood frame.

Old Customs House, Portland, Maine

Long a centerpiece of the bustling port life of Portland, Maine, the Federal Customs House has stood guard on the harbor since the 19th Century. It is now in the hands of a private developer. Built in the Second Empire style, the building is still beautiful shrouded in scaffolding. Below, Mercury, the Roman god of…

Old Port District, Portland, Maine

I really enjoyed the Old Port District of Portland, which has been restored to its appearance in the 19th Century. The architecture is an interesting mix of styles, spanning the course of the 1800’s. While it’s not a perfect analogy, it sort of reminds me of what the St. Louis Riverfront could have looked like…

Portland, Maine: Variety

The architecture of Portland, Maine is stunning; I’m devoting this post to just some of the details that artisans have fashioned over the last one hundred and fifty years in the downtown area.

Portland, Maine All Next Week

I had the opportunity to visit Portland, Maine last week, and I found the Old Port section to be particularly fascinating. In many ways, it preserves what also existed in St. Louis along the Wharf but was swept away for the Gateway Arch park grounds. It is interesting to imagine what might have been without…