Cahokia Mounds, New Year’s Day, 2017

Update: See earlier Mississippian Culture effigy mounds in Iowa from October of 2018. Dramatic light framed the ruins of Cahokia, from Monk’s Mound above to other mounds arranged around the main plaza.

Downtown Collinsville, Illinois

While looking at the Miner’s Institute, I wandered up and down the streets of downtown Collinsville. It is a beautiful, well-preserved and occupied area, and points to Collinsville’s history as a major town in the Metro East, sitting just above the bluff line overlooking the American Bottoms

Miner’s Institute Theater, Collinsville, Illinois

I was invited over to Collinsville two Saturdays ago by Mike and Tami Springer, two residents who are working with others to restore and reopen the historic Miner’s Institute, a longtime institution in the city’s downtown. Work is in progress to raise money to reopen the building; see the website here. The building is already…