Falstaff Brewery No. 10, Revisited July 2020

I came back to photograph the old Falstaff Plant No. 10 the second Saturday of July to see how it was doing. I always enjoy the Lemp and Anheuser-Busch breweries, but I like how the architecture of this plant contrasts so much from those two more famous institutions. I’ve also decided to go ahead and…

Bellefontaine Cemetery Late Spring 2020

Things are looking good around Bellefontaine Cemetery this spring, and I took the opportunity to walk around different parts of the grounds to see how the historic mausolea and tombs were doing. First up is this trio of two obelisks and a Corinthian column; compositionally they work together so well. I headed away from there…

Restoration Work, Falstaff Plant No. 10

Update: As of the summer of 2020, the work is complete. I was pleased to see that recent work has begun on the exterior walls of the historic former Stumpf/Consumers/Griesedieck Brothers/Falstaff Plant No. 10 Brewery at the corner of Lemp and Shenandoah. I hope this work can guarantee the stability of this important contributing structure…

Botanical Avenue

I don’t photograph the Shaw neighborhood very often (amazingly, the last post is from December of 2016), because most of the east-west streets are blocked off, and my methodology of documenting areas of the city start by happening across interesting streets in my car, and then I return on foot. The house below was owned…

Falstaff Plant No. 10, Revisited Yet Again

Update: Restoration work on the wall above commenced in 2019. I wish someone with vision and a lot of capital could find a use for the old Falstaff Plant No. 10; it has a great location, history, a cave(!) and beautiful architecture. It needs to be renovated now, not later.

More Griesediecks, Calvary Cemetery

Members of the Griesedieck family have told me there are dozens of their relatives alive and well in St. Louis, and I just discovered a whole bunch more of them buried at Calvary. This cluster is across the way from the Alvin Griesedieck group. I don’t recognize any of the names; do you?

Joseph “Papa Joe” Griesedieck Grave, Bellefontaine Cemetery

For whatever reason, and not known for certain, Joseph Griesedieck, the founder of Falstaff, is buried in a separate plot with other family members away from the “main” family plot. Interestingly, as far as I can tell, none of the Griesediecks are buried in mausolea, unlike the Busches, Wainwrights or Lemp brewing families.

Alvin Griesedieck Grave, Calvary Cemetery

The second president of the Falstaff Brewing Corporation lies in a line of other family members at Calvary. Alvin Sr. converted to Catholicism to marry his wife, Mary O’Donnell.

Falstaff Plant No. 10, Revisited

I love the old Falstaff Plant No. 10 over on Shenandoah, Lemp and Gravois. It sits forgotten, right in plain sight. I also find it sort of interesting the half dozen or more owners and names that have occupied these buildings (and earlier, demolished ones) on this site for over one hundred and fifty years….